21st April 2021

Mr. Evans Addison Coleman has been confirmed as the Municipal Chief Executive for Agona West in the Central Region.

He recieved a total of 41 out of 44 votes cast by assembly members present.

Though the voting process was smooth from beginning to end, there was security presence at the permises of the meeting. Ironically the new MCE banned any form of jubilation, procession or celebration after his confirmation.

In his acceptance speech, he called for unity and advised his supporters to desist from embarking on any form of street celebration.

"I value every life at Agona West. This confirmation means we are all happy but i want to declare that there is not going to be any jubilation out there and no processsion, no fanfare,...... sometimes such jubilation can

result in tension. Its about time we all work together for the betterment of the Municipality so the we can raise the image of that municipality to a higher level.