These are services provided to create awareness on nutrition oriented issues. The list of nutrition oriented interventions carried out during the period are;


School base activities for food vendors

The staff of Environmental Health and Sanitation Unit and Ghana Health Service educated the staff and School feeding caterers at the various schools in the municipality on the need to always ensure that the school children are provided with balance diets

Environmental Health Staff education the food feeding caterers and the school children on the need to ensure the right proportion of nutrients in the food meant for consumption.


2.     Micro nutrients intervention programs

The staff of Environmental Health and Sanitation Unit in collaboration with the Ghana Health Service educated staff, school children, caterers and mothers on the importance of fortification of food with micro nutrients; this is to ensure that there is regular consumption of micro nutrients to help build the body and the brain and also prevent malnutrition and also combat micro nutrient deficiencies. Some of these nutritional interventions include iron supplements and vitamins

Environmental Health Staff educating mothers to ensure that there is always the right amount of nutrients and nutritional supplements in the diets of their children.


3.      Health education to targeted groups (Market women, Dressmakers Association, caterers, chop bar, restaurant and fast food operators) on nutrition seeking behaviors

 The staff of Environmental Health and Sanitation Unit took time to educate the food and drink vendors on the need to;


Keep their surrounding clean


Observe good personal hygiene


Avoid using spoilt food items or substances for cooking


Protect the foods from flies and dust


Ensure safe preparation of food and storage


Ensure the food has the right proportion of nutrients to ensure its balance (Balance diet)


Traders food vendors been educated by Environmental Health Officers to ensure that wholesome food is sold to the general public